Buffy Protein Dips - Power Pesto, Hearty Artichoke, Whoa, Buffalo

Protein Dips

Buffy is the first-of-its-kind, all-natural, protein-dense dip made with real chicken. Make a filling sandwich in 3 seconds. A simple pasta sauce in 3 minutes. Eat it straight in no time flat. You won’t be hungry or unhealthy.

You Are What You Meat

Buffy Protein Dips - Hearty Artichoke - 100 Calories - 10G Protein per serving - Spinach and artichoke dip made with real free-range chicken

Hearty Artichoke

We put a lot of heart into our Hearty Artichoke dip. Some of it comes from artichokes. The rest from our deep deep love for making delicious protein-dense dips. Sappy? Maybe. Meaty? Definitely. We put certified free-range chicken at the heart of this hearty flavor. It hits the spot as a dip. And more than does the job as a quick savory spread. From the bottom of our hearts, we give it a chef’s kiss. On the lips.

Buffy Protein Dips - Whoa, Buffalo - 100 Calories - 10G Protein per serving - Tasty, tangy buffalo-stye dip made with real free-range chicken

Whoa, Buffalo

Whoa is right! You never forget your first protein-dense dip made with certified free-range chicken. Especially when it tastes like ours. All credit goes to our ingredients. Certified free-range chicken sauteed in onions and garlic. Blended with a bushel of sweet potatoes. Peppered with buffalo spices. You can’t make something bad out of everything that’s good. Dip in.

Buffy Protein Dips - Power Pesto - 100 Calories - 10G Protein per serving - Creamy, pesto-flavored dip made with real free-range chicken

Power Pesto

Who needs superpowers when you’ve got Power Pesto in your fridge? Fueled by the natural protein in certified free-range chicken, it defeats the enemy of mid-day hunger in a flash. Blended with basil, pine nuts, and a twist of lemon, this dip will you keep flying through your day. Spread Power Pesto on bread for an energizing 3-second sandwich. Heat it up and you’ve got an instant pasta sauce on your dinner table. Life as a mere mortal has never felt more empowering.

It’s not just dip, it’s drip.

Show off how “Buffy” you are.

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Buffy Chicken animation of flexing muscles in blue.

Buffy Protein Dips

We created a delicious, protein-dense snack food using the highest quality animal products. A snack that tastes amazing and is really good for you.