Our Story

From time to time, we all get that feeling something’s missing from our lives. Maybe it’s a sense of personal fulfillment. Maybe it’s a protein-dense snack option absent of unhealthy processed oils and fake ingredients. 

For animal protein lovers like us, it was definitely the second one. So we did what any buffalo chicken dip fan would do. We made our own. Using certified free-range, humanely raised chickens and just a handful of recognizable, real ingredients. 

The moment the dip hit our palate, we exclaimed “Whoa, Buffalo!” And the first Buffy Protein Dip flavor was born. We’d created a first-of-its-kind, protein-dense dip made from real meat and nothing unnatural. Our lives were now complete. OK, maybe nobody’s life is ever complete. But you get the picture. Now get the dip. 

What you feed your body matters. You are what you meat.

Emily Williams + Audrey Melville

Co-Founders of Buffy Protein Dips

Em & Audrey Inc. An illustration of the two founders of Buffy Protein Dips.
Buffy Chicken animation of flexing muscles in red.

Buffy Protein Dips

We created a delicious, protein-dense snack food using the highest quality animal products. A snack that tastes amazing and is really good for you.